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Wrong vid + there is alot of mods I didn’t showcase it on the vid (Thanks for 10k!)
Credits: @fmpmelon
Type: Melmod + Melsave

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Pak Melon City

-This is a huge selection of cars, buildings, as well as NPCs.

• Many different brands of cars, made by professionals, in sizes close to real.

All buildings are almost completely destructible, NPCs have changed collisions and their unique features, and all textures of flesh and skeleton have been completely changed.

In the future, additions will be released for the pack, as well as fixes.

All basic information about packs and their updates will be on https://t.me/ProjectJCmelon , but you can also follow the releases of new ones on two main channels.

Authors: @OXENUM @Maksim_4672 @Ali200i8 @Bagriz @Venitag @TarakanAndrey

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